The music

The Favonius Collective started out playing cornetts, sackbuts and dulcian – instruments that were chosen and developed to resemble as far as possible the sound of the human voice. This made them very suitable for use in church, and much of the glorious choral sacred repertoire of the time is equally well suited to playing or singing – or indeed to a blend of voices and instruments.

More recently we have branched out into other areas of early music, encompassing recorders, shawms and, most recently, crumhorns. These instruments allow us to cover a much wider repertoire, from dances to ceremonial and celebratory music.

We aim to offer maximum variety and interest in our own concert programmes, but we are always delighted to take part in concerts and church services accompanying other choirs.

As we emerge from the long Covid pandemic we are hoping to make some recordings to share here. Do come back to hear what we’ve been up to.

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