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1 year ago
Looking forward to playing in this on Sunday! A fabulous programme - not to be missed!
1 year ago
Lovely evensong last Sunday at the tiny parish church of All Saints at Great Chalfield for their patronal festival. Greatly relieved that adding sackbuts, cornetts and curtal to the Sheppard 2nd Service worked really well! And of course some lovely A Gabrieli, Lassus and Finck! FavoniusColl photo
1 year ago
Lovely rehearsal today for tomorrow's evensong at Great Chalfield. Rehearsal picture's aren't great, so here's lunch instead 😀 FavoniusColl photo
1 year ago
Fabulous trip to Cardiff for our first public performance!
Played Padilla, Gabrieli and Palestrina for the first mass of the academic year at Newman Hall Cardiff, with the wonderful Choir of the Cardiff Oratory in Formation and their conductor Tomos Watkins.
FavoniusColl photo

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