The South West’s Renaissance music ensemble

Formed in April 2019, The Favonius Collective provides experienced players of Renaissance wind instruments for performances with choirs or in concerts across the South West of the UK.

With a core of regular players covering cornetts, sackbuts, dulcians, shawms, crumhorns and recorders, and the ability to call on additional players as required, we can cover a wide range of performance requirements and styles.

The name

Favonius: the Roman God of the West Wind.
A Roman nomen, meaning “favourable”, and one of the Roman wind gods, generally equated with the Greek god Zephyrus.
Favonius also held dominion over plants and flowers, and his return in early February signalled the coming of Spring in Rome.

Collective: a group of individuals who work together on a common project without relying on internal hierarchies.

The Favonius Collective is a group of like-minded musicians, all with a passion for early music, and especially for the music of the Renaissance.

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